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 Face Painting & Body Art 

FACE PAINTING & BODY ART is best and therefore the brightest within the world of inventive arts. Check up on the wide selection of tattoos style on our web site. Paint is 100 percent safe for face and body art internationally certified with HSE standards. Our instrumentation is trade book in Theme & water parks and can bring the happiest moment in your events. We have a tendency to additionally customise Temporary Tattoos as per your business demand.

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 Product Description 

Welcome to Body Art, renowned name in Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Systems, Face painting, Body Art. Producing Airbrush Tattoo Systems, Paints & Performance Makeup, Stencils and provides to professionals round the world. We offer the unmatchable in temporary airbrush tattoo stencils, paint, systems. Body painting is quickly turning into a very vital part of the industry. Today, one will see body paints covering models and actors across billboards, at personal parties, in movies, theaters, haunted homes and commercials. With such a various vary of applications the necessity for various kinds of body paints is inevitable. We offers each water based mostly and alcohol based airbrush body paints giving artists a lot of flexibility and choices for various applications. Whether or not you're searching for a sturdy airbrush body paint can last hours below water or makeup that's wet and crack resistant nevertheless will take of a model's body when exposure shoot, EBA carries over forty reminder body paints which will meet your needs. A whole temporary airbrush tattoo business for a subject matter park, birthday parties, malls, fundraising, promotions or what ever you've got in mind, we tend to promise to bring constant experience to our shoppers in spite of however little or however giant. We are distributor for EBA & provides the entire body art solutions to retailers / events management companies in UAE.

 Equipment & Displays 

Push Cart
Cart Graphics
Counter Storage Units (2)
Imprinted Umbrella
Umbrella Lights
Rolling Tattoo Floor Stand
Stencil Organizer Bins (30)
Posters (32)
Heavy Duty Compressor
Norad “Missle” Airbrushes (8)
Norad Braided Airhoses
Norad “Airport System”
(8) Quick Disconnects


 EBA Cart Plus Hybrid  Do you need a simple to control, transportable and fully self-contained, one piece operation, CartPlus System is your resolution. The CartPlus System consists of one push cart that contains all the instrumentality, necessary for the application of airbrush tattoos, glitter body art and face painting (available with Hybrid System only). The CartPlus System comes normal with a greenhouse emission tank therefore it are often placed in locations wherever electricity is not a choice. It is often transported simply permitting the system to be strategically placed within the most profitable locations like party zones, close entrance or shop areas. The all new ZeroG II airbrush is additionally a regular on the CartPlus System allowing straightforward and just about maintenance free operation for businesses with staff. The EBA push cart comes with a pair of protection storages together with integral stencil organizer. It takes but five minutes to line up and shut down the business saving time and labor expenses. Most significantly, the look of the system permits for awfully cost-efficient various compared to alternative systems inside a similar class.

Push Cart Plus

 Studio Plus  The most compact complete system with all-time low investment, the Studio System offers everything you would like for a little airbrush tattoo kit for your home, salon or tiny personal events. The complete business fits showing neatness into our Studio Case and may be simply transported with the convenient strap. EBA has designed the Studio System to contain constant quality product that EBA stands behind for people who have an interest in an exceedingly smaller system.


Studio Plus

 Voyager Hybrid  The Voyager Hybrid system is the most compact jailor system on the market giving over one service at once: airbrush tattoos, glitter tattoos, glow within the dark tattoos and face painting. The system can work into any vehicle and is straightforward to line up, take down and transport. The Z6 airbrush holders may be placed on any of the four edges of the case allowing you to own over one worker engaging at identical time. The BD-L-1 banner offers sixty three fashionable styles on a lovely show that's straightforward to assemble and carry in a very light-weight tote. The VOYAGER-HB System is ideal for entrepreneurs World Health Organization specialise in non-public events and little venues.


Voyager Hybrid

 FX Makeup Kit   EBA makeup provides a reputable look of realistic colours. This includes makeup that makes effects like dry blood, bullet wounds, skin distortions etc. Whereas teaming up with various makeup artists, EBA offers a comprehensive line of makeup that meet the requirements of today's most exigent skilled makeup artists. EBA special effects makeup is wide utilized in the film, theater and haunted industries.


Face Makeup FX Kit

 Glitter Kit The GlitterStudio Kit provides an entire solution for the operation and application of glitter tattoos with adhesive stencils, medically approved adhesive, glitter and application brushes. The complete kit fits in aluminium case that sets up into knowledgeable work station in 60 seconds. The enclosed double facet PVC banner show all the styles by variety and it can be used as a free standing. The kit comes with fashionable styles of one hundred fifty stencils in stencils organizer sorted by variety.


Glitter Kit

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