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A wide range of licensed products for UAE and GCC region. It comprises the top 10 most economical Hubsan Drone Model H107C+, H107D+, H501S and H107L Mini with rich features. 4D Cityscape Inc. Puzzle series includes Game of Thrones - Westeros, 3D Game of Thrones - Kings Landing Paper Puzzle, 4D Batman Gotham City, 4D Game of Thrones Essos, 4D Lord of the Rings, 4D The Hobbit, National Geographic Ancient Places Puzzle. The Roadbots series are an exclusive line of officially licensed transforming robot series. All our Roadbots collection is fully certified with EN71 / EN50088 and ISO-9001. An exciting and new puzzle has been added in the product list as "The Wisdom Ball", having three versions to challenge your IQ / EQ.

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Hubsan H501S

Hubsan H501S


Hubsan H107C+






4D Dubai


Game of Thrones

 FPV & RC Drone   FPV and RC Drones is one of the fast retail toy product and divided into 3 major categories like Professional Drones, Racing Drones and Toy Drones. Industry is growing day by day and being spread all over the world. We came up with the toy drone range for UAE and GCC region to experience some of the hot selling product round the globe in most economical price. NSF LoboToys is equipped with fast selling licensed product in Drone Toys for retailers in UAE and GCC region. Hubsan H107C, H107D, H107L and H501S has been ranked in top 10 most demanding products in this price range. NSF Lobotoys is the distributor of Hubsan products in Dubai, UAE.


 4D Cityscape Puzzle   4D Cityscape introduced a breakthrough puzzle range for worlds' well known cities as initial product, which converted to the famous series afterwords on publicity. Game of Thrones was launched in connection with National Geographic Ancient Cities like Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. Last, but not the least, in July 2016, quite interesting ranges were launched for 3D Game of Thrones - Kings Landing Paper Puzzle, 4D Batman Gotham City, 4D Game of Thrones Essos, 4D Lord of the Rings and 4D The Hobbit. World well know cities are NewYork, Sydney, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona and Dubai. All the products are licensed with the safety keeping in mind for all ages.NSF Lobotoys is the supplier & distributor for 4D Cityscape in Dubai, UAE and GCC region


 Puzzles & Toys   3D Puzzle is designed as a retail product and can be branded with your logo. We are distributor for Licensed Transformer Roadbots and The Wisdom Ball Series in Dubai. Wisdom Ball is new concept brain teaser with innovative sliding mechanism. The Wisdom Ball series is a product with multiple changes of numbers arrange and colors having spherical sliding puzzle with 6 rotatable disc and 3 version of difficulties to challenge your IQ / EQ intelligence. A wide range of Monster Unicon Beans with the customization option for branding & shapes 

Toys and Puzzles

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